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Speak with your unique voice and get found. SEO and digital marketing starts with your website and reaches your customers through your marketing channels. We can train you, or do it for you.


All our websites are mobile friendly by default. But Responsive design is more than being mobile friendly! Page speed and usability are key as well.


We provided managed online business. Hosting & content combined with email & social campaigns to deliver the results that your business requires.


Look at the Big Picture with SEO and Digital Marketing and customised services

Every business is trying to grow, yet each one has it’s own set of priorities and key points. I believe that every business has it’s own unique spark that must be put front and center in order for that busines to fly.


Use your own voice

Your business speaks a language that talks to your clients. Learn how to deliver that same message across email, social media and web. 


Your content is a valuable asset. If you already have it, we can set it up for you, or extend it to your other channels like email and social media campaigns. If you don’t have it, let us help you define it.


Every client or customer needs a bit of TLC. Use your email campaigns to send them some. Automate the process so your team doesn’t have to carry the weight, and focus on the contacts that reach out for more services or assistance.


Social Media is a hugely helpful resource for business. These days with algorithms tailoring more and more for privacy and the individual, rather than big business, knowing the right methods can save hundreds of hours of research and wasted Ad spends.


Your website is often a first point of contact for potential customers. Your SEO and digital marketing defines how it reaches them. It could be through Social Media, Google or Bing Search, Ad Campaigns or Local lookups. Gain control of all your possible channels, and present a consistent and strong message.


Lunarsea Designs

Growing Online Sales
Lunarsea Designs is a successful market-run business, seeking to push it’s online business further. Through a strong social media presence and smart ecommerce placement it is driving more and more sales to it’s website.


Celeste Allan is a master of tailoring a brand. She plans her posts in advance, and every one is a piece of the bigger picture. Having a Social Media Strategy is key.


The website is clean like a freshly swept beach. It is easy to navigate and has info right where people need it.


Using Facebook Messenger most customers can easily contact the business owner. This puts their mind at ease, and they can get custom requests attended to, increasing engagement and trust, which translates to sales


Lunarsea uses various rewards and channel marketing methods to grow. Email marketing and online advertising are an important part of taking this business large.


Keeping Up to Date

Theatre Kimberley is the North Wests most prolific theatre and performing arts training and producer. It has many interested parties – parents, funding bodies, ticket buyers and genrally interested people.


Email campaigns go to different lists to give that group specific, interesting updates.


A regualr blog keeps the site refreshed and lets people know what is happening.


Projects many, so TK organises them in a way that anyone can find out what they have been up to.


TK have a strong Social Media, email and blog and news strategy that combines to let people know when there shows are on, and what they have acheived year after year.


With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Ushan did a great job building my website to my specifications and later re branding to my needs. His professional ongoing support & guidance has been amazing. It’s comforting to know that I can speak to a real person who has experience and knowledge in an industry where the ‘language’ is sometimes way beyond my own knowledge base.

Sharon Robertson

Rainsong Designs

Margaret River Websites build my new website bareleathercomau we couldn’t be more happy with the service and WOW the price was so affordable. You wont be disappointed!
Thanks again MRW x

Kelly Clifton

BARE Leather

Ushan Boyd provides fantastic website and general IT support to Theatre Kimberley. He is very patient at explaining website/IT issues in a non-technical way. We have varied needs ranging from ticket sales, memberships, photo galleries, embedded videos and more, and we are often in a rush and often a little stressed by the time we ring Ushan. He is very calm and patient even when he needs to explain the same thing multiple times.

Jael Johnson

Theatre Kimberley

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Our Team

We are a group of tech savvy, small-business creators and innovators.

Ushan Boyd

Marketing Consultant and Build Technician

Celeste Allan

Instagram and Branding

Chris Maher

Social Media Consultant

Lauren Trickett


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