At Margaret River Websites we aim to de-mystify SEO and make it clear how accessible it is. Be mindful! It can still be time consuming.

SEO is one of the more mystifying fields on the Internet for 3 simple reasons. 
  1. The algorithms and methods used change from time to time, and is affected by a wide range of potential variables;
  2. SEO affects the regular layperson. It is them who SEO effects, and so to try to understand it you must try to wade through the research;
  3. SEO service providers are invested in making SEO seem more like an arcane art than an accessible series of methods.
SEO is a complex field, but it is logical!

The Basics of SEO

SEO is separated into 2 basic forms. 

  1. On-site SEO (mostly easy to set up).
  2. Off-site SEO (can take time - best to schedule time on a monthly basis).


On-Site SEO


On-site SEO is your website. Certain things are required by Google in order to be included effectively in their search engine results. Things like:

  • Title and Description meta tags on every page. This is so easy to do, and is vitally important to what search engine users will first see about your site.
  • H1 header tags on every page (there are 5 possible header tags, H1 is the first, and biggest).
  • All image tags should include the alternative text (alt text). This part of an image tag was originally created for accessibility purposes, to allow for web readers to interpret images for people who might be blind. Google uses the alt tag as a must.
  • Regular updates
  • Links that go to other pages on your sites
  • Links that go to other sites
There are many more useful methods that are used. They are easy to find! If you want to find out more, just email or call me, or google it (make sure you include the current year in your search, otherwise you might end up with advice from 2008)!


Off-Site SEO


Off-site SEO is largely associated with back-linking, but it is not only this. Back-linking is where your website is linked to from other, preferably more popular sites. Other methods include:


  • Social Media Engagement
  • High ranking forum participation
  • High ranking book marking sites
  • Blog and article directory submissions
  • Question and Answer sites
  • Media sharing - video, photo and infographic sharing sites
It is important that sites that are relevant to the field in which you operate are used when creating your off-site SEO. As you can tell, this all takes time. And this is the main cause of why paying for SEO services costs so much, because there is a team of people working for literal days to create your businesses online profile. Once created, a profile can be maintained with a day or two of updates each month.

Margaret River Websites is here to help you navigate these waters.