Our support code is simple. 


Make the customer happy (that's you).


We know how fast things can move. And that sometimes we can't do everything by ourselves. That's when it is handy to have someone around, ready to help out. We can be that for your online services.

Bridge of support to the other side


Every site comes with free support for at least 3 hours.


After that our support rates are $50 / hour, tabbed by the minute. We'll only bill you once the hour is up. With most page updates taking just a few minutes, this will last you ages.


Main support costs are incurred when layout changes or major design updates are required. Even rebranding a website with a new logo and some different colours doesn't take all that long. 1 or 2 hours.


We are proud of the support that we provide. Our clients are happy with it too!




    • Sharon Robertson

      Rainsong Designs

      Ushan did a great job building my website to my specifications and later re branding to my needs. His professional ongoing support & guidance has been amazing. It’s comforting to know that I can speak to a real person who has experience and knowledge in an industry where the ‘language’ is sometimes way beyond my own knowledge base.

    • Jael Johnson

      Business Manager ~ Theatre Kimberley

      Ushan Boyd provides fantastic website and general IT support to Theatre Kimberley. He is very patient at explaining website/IT issues in a non-technical way. We have varied needs ranging from ticket sales, memberships, photo galleries, embedded videos and more, and we are often in a rush and often a little stressed by the time we ring Ushan. Ushan is very calm and patient even when he needs to explain the same thing multiple times.
      With Ushan, you really do get the feeling that he’s genuinely interested in helping you get the best outcome possible.

    • Sandy Faber

      Co-ordination Gyalwa Ensapa Broome Buddhist Study Group, Broome

      Ushan Boyd has created a very pleasing website for the Broome Buddhists group and over the many years has maintained and updated the site at our request in a most pleasant and efficient manner.

      Ushan easily and quickly incorporates adjustments to suit our requirements.

      Communicating and negotiating with Ushan is always easy and no fuss.

      Ushan has been most generous in providing the Broome Buddhists group with an ongoing and dynamic up to date website.
      Feb 2017

    • Natalie Scholtz

      Natalie Scholtz Art

      Having utilised MRW over the past 3 years I am consistently impressed with:
      -efficiency of contact and communication for technical support
      -generousity of knowledge - great or small
      -choice of economic to technical sophistication provided
      -standard of delivery
      Will happily use in the future.